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Love, According to Jesus

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Love, According to Jesus

John 13:21-35

At GraceWay Church, we are seeking to reach our community with the Gospel of transformation in Jesus Christ! We want our community to know and identify us as people who follow Jesus and live for Him.

In John 13 with His hour nearing and His betrayal in motion, Jesus is down to a few precious moments to share His heart with His disciples, before facing the cross of suffering. His first order of business with the loyal eleven? To issue a command to love one another as He had loved them. The result of this, is that all will know that [they] are [His] disciples.

To love as Jesus loved, is a daunting task, but a COMMAND none the less. In this message, we seek to highlight a few vital concepts that will allow us to approach love for each other and the dying world, as Jesus did.

Scripture Reading: John 13:21-35 (NIV)