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Counting the Cost of Discipleship

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Counting the Cost of Discipleship

Luke 14:25-35

Have you ever wanted something or someone so bad you were willing to sacrifice whatever to get it? Maybe it was long work hours to save up to purchase a house, or little to no sleep staying up all night to talk with your new girlfriend, boyfriend, or fiancé...maybe countless of sacrifices for a college degree. Many count the cost of considering what neighborhood they will live in. Many are counting the cost of what church to attend.

Someone once said this phase: "It may cost you a little, it may cost you a lot, but it will cost you!" In many respects, that is true of most things in this life. However, we rarely hear about the cost to follow Jesus Christ.

In Luke chapter 14, Jesus' fame continues to spread throughout Jerusalem as crowds travel with Him. In verse 25, Jesus states a shocking reality of what’s required to follow Him.

In this message, Brother JP Dennis will help us to

explore the cost of discipleship and the hope that God gives us to endure in our Christian walk.