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Living a Life of Prayerful Dependency

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Living a Life of Prayerful Dependency

John 15:1-8

God gave us different types of prayer. Each type of prayer has a very unique role in developing and maintaining your walk with Christ.  If you are weak and inconsistent in any one of the basic prayer types, you are going to be weak in how you relate to God.  It is kind of like eating.  Nutritionists say “If you fail to eat a balanced diet, you will be physically weak.”   If you fail to have a balanced prayer life, you will be spiritually weak.  If we eat from only one or two food groups, we become physically sick.  This same principle applies for a balanced prayer life.

If we are going to abide in Christ and allow Him to live His life through us; if we are to overcome temptations and weaknesses; if we are to resist Satan and wage effective spiritual warfare; if we are to have short accounts of sin against God; if we are to be filled with the Holy Spirit; if we are to obtain wisdom and guidance from God and have the power to serve God effectively, we must be Christians who live in prayerful dependence.