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The Need for Church Revival: Repent

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The Need for Church Revival: Repent

Psalm 51

Last time we were exhorted to remember our past; we briefly connected with our past looked at five characteristics of our church in her early days.  In Revelation 2:5 Jesus tells the church at Ephesus to “Remember therefore from where you have fallen.”  As we looked to our past we may have discovered some things in our past that we would have rather left forgotten because what was unearthed were things that were done wrong and people that we have offended, which means that our church is in need of repentance.  When a church is willing to repent of past sins, it presents an opportunity for God to do something new and exciting in the church.  When a church recognizes that they have sinned against God and others and then go through the process of repentance and humbling themselves and prayer, then the blessings God may have been withholding will be released; the windows of heaven that were once shut will be opened and God’s grace will be poured out in an extraordinary measure.